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Weddings  Baptisms 

Funerals  Columbarium

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We believe that our congregation is called to play a role in blessing, supporting, nurturing and sustaining individual households within our community.


We affirm, along with the Book of Order (the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.), that Christian marriage is a gift God has given to humankind for the well-being of the entire human family.  Marriage involves a unique commitment between two people, to love and support each other for the rest of their lives.  The sacrificial love that unites the couple sustains them as faithful disciples in the household of God and members of the wider community.


Likewise, as a welcoming church we affirm the authority given to our Teaching Elders (pastors) by the Book of Order to use their judgment, consistent with their understanding of the Reformed tradition, to decide whether to celebrate/conduct any marriage service.  Any Christian marriage service deemed appropriate by a Teaching Elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Northville and permitted by the laws of the state may be performed in our sanctuary.

*Please Note:  

  • We do not rent out our facilities.

  • FPC Pastors are the only officiating pastors.  

  • Weddings are not performed on holiday weekends.  



The Sacrament of Baptism is a joyous event in which we celebrate God's love and grace. Baptisms occur at the 9:30am Worship Service and shall not be held on Holy Days, Holidays, or the First Sunday of the Month.

Funeral/Memorial Services


Funeral or memorial services at First Presbyterian Church affirm the hope of the Christian gospel and the good news of the resurrection to all who grieve.



First Presbyterian Church has a lovely Columbarium located on the lower level of the Church in the Music Center area. The cremains of members (or immediate family of members) may be interred here. There is a fee depending on the niche selected by the family. Additionally, the church requests that an urn for the ashes be selected through the choices offered in the church office. The cost of the urn and engraving is additional to the cost of the niche. At a time convenient to the family, a service of committal is held in the Columbarium. Niches and urns may be pre-selected by families who intend to make plans for interment before the need arises. Contact the church office for additional information, (248) 349-0911.


If you wish to visit your family interred in the Columbarium, it is open Tuesday through Friday, from 8:30am-5:00pm. Kindly call the office (248) 349-0911 ahead of time to let us know of your visit.

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