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Elders and Deacons


Ruling and teaching elders exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment and discipline, and have responsibilities for the life of the congregation.  The ministry of Deacons, as set forth in scripture, is that of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

Deacons Corner

Each family in the Congregation is assigned a Deacon, who becomes a conduit to the Pastors and to the other church members. 

A Deacon will be present under a sign saying “Deacons Corner” most Sunday mornings during fellowship time.  This Deacon will be pleased to greet you, answer any questions you may have and pass along information that you would like to share to the Pastors and other Deacons.

Our Mission includes:

  •   Prayers and encouragement for all

  •   Card and flower ministry, (sending cards and          bringing flowers)

  •   In-home Communion

  •   Assisting at funerals and memorial services

  •   Visiting shut ins

  •   Helping families in crisis

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