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For Our Guests

Thank you for visiting our electronic front door. We hope to see you soon and look forward to becoming a part of your family!
First Presbyterian Church
Our Worship Services


We welcome you to join us for Worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. We currently offer a familiar style of worship that includes a variety of musical styles and a "traditional" feel.


Children are welcome in worship, in the nursery (down the hall from the Sanctuary), or in Sunday School which starts shortly after the worship service.

Nursery and toddler care are provided every Sunday by nurturing staff and volunteers.


If you happen to come on the first Sunday of the month, we invite you to join us in the celebration and remembrance of Christ in Communion.

Special accommodations include wheel chair accessibility, large print bulletins, and wireless hearing assistance devices. 

Sunday Morning Worship Service
What Do We Believe?


As Presbyterians, we believe that:

  • Together, we hold more of God's truth than any one individual.

  • We are called to love as God loves.

  • The scriptures are the primary way we learn about the character and actions of God in the world.

  • We are called to be a community of faith that honors a God who is constantly at work for the good of every person in every place.

  • We welcome all regardless of politics, societal issues, gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other distinction.

  • We exist to live out the acceptance and love of God as we have experienced it.

What To Expect


You can expect to see an intergenerational and energetic church that is as diverse as our community. Our worship style is fluid and eclectic in that our music is rich and varied, the messages intended to be educational, inspirational and applicable, and our prayers are inclusive and expectant. If you have questions about how faith and life intersect   and occasionally crash into one another, then you will feel right at home. 


You can also expect to laugh...a lot! We look for ways to enjoy the life that God has given to us and to join with others to live out those blessings. We love to love - not only those who look and act and believe like we do - but especially those who bring their unique gifts into the community of faith. 


Of course, we have to state that the one thing you can always expect is the unexpected; as baptisms, special events and music, along with many other things, punctuate our time together.


Finally, if you are looking to deepen your faith or find answers to the nagging questions of life, we offer a host of engaging educational opportunities for all ages.

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