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Video Worship Services

Find our recorded worship services here; click on the blue box with the date of the service you wish to see.  The sermon text and order of worship for that date are the gray files underneath.  We hope the videos are a blessing to you.

All music reprinted, recorded  and web-posted with permission.

CCLI License#2509486

Facebook logo

How to View a video on Facebook:
(you don’t need to have a Facebook account)

On your computer browser search bar, type:

To watch a live stream video (at 9:30am Sundays) on the church’s Facebook page, scroll down past Photos, to Posts, and
click on the red “Live” button
(make sure to unmute the sound on the video’s window, then also adjust your computer’s volume)

Videos will also be available to watch after the event is over; find Videos in the menu on the left side of the home page.

Tip:  while you are watching a video, periodically Facebook will show a pop-up window asking you to log in, or to create a new account – Just click “Not Now”  or the X and it will go away.

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